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Youth & Family Ministry

Chain of Lakes Church strongly believes in the Core Value of "Investing in Future Generations."  Below are some of the ways the Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) demonstrates that commitment.

Youth & Family Activities

Note: Covid-19 has caused some programs to be put on hold until further notice. The programs that are currently active are Sunday Circles, A Time for Children, Rocket Fire, Childcare and Confirmation. As programs are added back in, or if new programs start, they will be featured here.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about the Chain of Lakes Youth and Family Ministry.  We look forward to meeting you and seeing how our faith community can nurture the aspirations of your entire family.

Sunday Circles for children meets in person during Chain of Lakes Sunday worship. Children stay with their parents for the first songs and Time for Children, then go to the Kids Space for Sunday Circles. For more information email Youth & Family Director Carol High at

Pastor Paul invites children and youth to join him/her  for a short message that relates to the theme or topic of the sermon that Sunday.  This engages our children and youth in thought about the same faith questions we wrestle with as adults, and sparks intergenerational conversation.

The first Sunday of the month instead of Time for Children, children may take part in Communion.

After Time for Children, or Communion, children can go to the Kids Space for Sunday Circles and Childcare.

Junior High and Senior High students are welcome to participate in Rocket Fire! at Chain of Lakes Church  for fellowship and fun. Rocket Fire! celebrated the last meeting of the school year. Watch for announcements of when Rocket Fire! will again take off.

Youth & Family Photos

Highlights from recent Youth & Family Events!