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Youth & Family Ministry

Chain of Lakes Church strongly believes in the Core Value of "Investing in Future Generations."  Here are some of the ways the Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) demonstrates that commitment:

Youth & Family Activities

Note: Covid-19 has caused some of the programs below to be put on hold until further notice. The programs that are currently active are A Time for Children, Rocket Fire, and Confirmation. As programs are added back in, or if new programs start, they will be featured here.

Our Childcare Coordinator, Sherri Varsho, is one of the most loving and warm persons you will ever have the privilege to meet!  She provides outstanding care to any and all young children needing it before and during worship on Sundays.

Pastor Paul or our YFM Director invite children and youth at worship to join him/her at the front of the worship center for a short message that relates to the theme or topic of the sermon that Sunday.  This engages our children and youth in thought about the same faith questions we wrestle with as adults, and sparks intergenerational conversation.

Each Sunday after the opening worship songs and Time for Children, children and youth are welcome to join Sunday Circles (our Sunday School programming) which takes place during worship in the Kids’ Space.  This is a time for our youngsters to learn the amazing stories contained in the Bible, and to reflect on what these messages mean for their own lives through crafts, games, and other activities.

The new Wednesday night Youth Group, “Rocket Fire,” which meets every other Wednesday from 6:30 to 8pm, welcomes youth in Middle School and High School.  This is a great opportunity for older children in Chain of Lakes and the community to grow in faith, as well as impact the community through service projects.

Juniors and seniors in high school are encouraged to participate in the Chain of Lakes confirmation program, which leads them on an exploration of their faith, and connects them to mentors along their journey.

Each summer, Chain of Lakes Church hosts an exciting and stimulating day camp where children learn what it means to be a follower of Christ…and have a lot of fun at the same time!

We don’t like to keep the fun to ourselves, so a couple of annual events are hosted that draw in the whole community.  Each October, Chain of Lakes volunteers decorate their car trunks based on rotating themes, and hand out treats and trinkets to hundreds of joyful kids and families from the community.

Each April, we similarly host an outdoor Easter egg hunt that includes crafts, games, and pictures with the Easter Bunny.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about the Chain of Lakes Youth and Family Ministry.  We look forward to meeting you and seeing how our faith community can nurture the aspirations of your entire family.

Youth & Family Photos

Highlights from recent Youth & Family Events!