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Connect & grow at Chain of Lakes Church​

Chain of Lakes is passionate about helping people become who God desires for them to be.
Chain of Lakes helps people in four ways:

Chain of Lakes helps people in their faith life
Chain of Lakes wants everyone to become and grow as a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple means that our relationship to Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in our life.

Chain of Lakes helps people in their relationship life
Relationships can be messy. They are just as hard now as when Jesus developed a following. God can help us with our relationships. Chain of Lakes is willing to address topics that prevent us from having quality relationships.

Chain of Lakes helps people heal from past wounds
Let’s face it—we’ve all been hurt. These hurts can prevent us from being who God desires for us to be. Chain of Lakes wants to help people be released from the pain of the past so we can move into the future.

Chain of Lakes helps people develop their identity in Christ— Their Inspirational Intersection
The Inspirational Intersection is the intersection between what God wants us to do and what we want to do. At this intersection is tremendous energy, imagination, and love. We want to help every person who connects to Chain of Lakes discover this place. And when people do—watch out!! The world is going to be changed!


Announcements for the week of October 25 – 31, 2020

Welcome to worship at Chain of Lakes Church.

Today Pastor Paul is continuing a sermon series called, “What do you believe?”  This is a teaching series where Pastor Paul is communicating essential information about different parts of faith. Today he will preach on “Who is the Holy Spirit?” Gloria Ivers will share a faith story.

 A special blessing to all, in particular to guests, who worship today. Everyone is asked to fill out the Communication Card in the bulletin or online.  All guests who fill out the Communication Card receive a gift.

Kids are encouraged to enjoy the Kids’ Bags that are distributed to every family with children.

  • Here is what a person can expect at in-person worship

    •       Everyone must wear a mask.
    •       Chairs will be set up so families can sit together
    •       People must distance from each other
    •       Music will be led by a music leader. People will not sing, but can participate through movement or other ways during the songs
    •       The use of paper will be minimized. People can pick up a bulletin when they enter the Community Life Center. People can follow the service on the screen.
    •       People will be dismissed individually when worship is over.
    •       Fellowship will not happen in the Community Life Center after worship.
    •       People can leave their offering in a basket in the Community Life Center. Financial giving can also be shared on the Chain of Lakes web site—

     The Holy Spirit will be present in amazing ways!

If you choose not to worship in-person at Davenport, you can worship online. You can worship online at 10:30am by clicking the Online Sunday Worship Service  link at  If it doesn’t work for you to worship online at 10:30am on Sunday, you can worship  anytime during the week by going to the Sermon Videos at

Due to the added cleaning regime to comply with recommendations for Covid safe worship, we will need at least 3 more cleaning volunteers. Regular cleaning has been done for years by a faithful group of 4 to 5 persons but additional time will be required to assure both the worship time cleanliness and post worship cleanliness per CDC guidelines. It’s an opportunity to enjoy fellowship with the crew as you serve the Lord!
Mark the Communication card for more information or email

The new ministry for Middle School and High School youth is called Rocket Fire. Youth will meet Wednesday, November 4 between 6:30 and 8pm for games, mixers, a lesson, and a lot of energy. Youth in the wider community are encouraged to participate.

The Session voted to have a soft launch of Sunday Circles, the educational ministry for children. To start, children will be given activity bags during worship. After this soft launch Sunday Circles can start again. Teachers are being recruited and families are being asked if they would send their children to Sunday Circles.

Two small groups will connect to the “What Do You Believe?” sermon series. Each group will meet weekly for 60 – 90 minutes, for 6 weeks. People in the group will have a chance to get to know each other better and talk about their own values during these tumultuous times. This is an opportunity to connect to people during this very disconnecting time!

Tuesdays, starting October 13,   Kathy Brevig will lead a small group at Chain of Lakes, with COVID precautions, starting at 6:30pm.

Thursdays, starting October 15, Pastor Paul will lead a small group over Zoom starting at 7pm.

Sign up on the Communication Card, email or talk to Pastor Paul or Kathy. Call the church office, 763.208.8049

Bring your dog to a special festival called Halloweenie on the Chain of Lakes property Saturday, October 31 at 11am. Imagine a trick-or-treat gathering for dogs. Treats for dogs and their owners will be shared. A costume contest among dogs will be held. A special speaker will talk about preparing your dog for winter. Each dog will be blessed at the cross, pictures will be taken. Humans must wear masks. Check the Communication card.

If you can help distribute door hangers for Halloweenie, sign up on the Communication Card or talk to Pastor Paul. Door hangers will be distributed to residences near the church property.

Sunday, November 1    As part of the “What do you believe?” series Pastor Paul will talk about beliefs regarding humanity. Communion will be celebrated.

The Great and Powerful Oz says, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” but Chris Audet—team lead for the Communications Team—says, “Wait, please pay attention to the men behind the Chain of Lakes website curtain.” Brad Olson and Paul Edgett shared their combined expertise on the back-end process of getting our website up and running, and their experience in troubleshooting website hosting, backup, and other issues along the way. They have blessed us with their time and talents. Thank you both so much!

Chain of Lakes is going to celebrate its third birthday on Sunday, November 15. If you’d like to be part of a group who makes plans for a birthday celebration, mark the Communication card. This would probably involve two meetings.

Julie Carr’s husband got a full-time job in Maine, so he and Julie will be moving to Maine.  Julie won’t leave for Maine until their home is sold. At a minimum she will be sharing her gifts in worship through Sunday, November 8.

Everyone is encouraged to do their best to keep current on financial giving. Consider:

  • Using the enclosed envelope to make a contribution. Greeters will receive envelopes as you leave the church property.
  • Mail a contribution by check to the church office
  • Make a contribution on the church website at
  • Make a contribution via automatic withdrawal. This is a convenient way to give. If you need a form, email

October 26     Monday       10am  Cleaning
October 26     Monday         5pm  Connection
October 27     Tuesday        11am  Staff
October 27     Tuesday    6:30pm “What Do You Believe?” small group                   
October 29    Thursday     5:3pm   Communications
October 29     Thursday      7:30pm “What Do You Believe?”  on Zoom                                      
October 30     Friday                 2pm   Office & cleaning help                             
October 31      Saturday     9:05am  Youth and Family Ministry Team on Zoom
October 31      Saturday         11am  Halloweenie

  • For Noel Lutsey’s co-worker, who has an undiagnosed heart rhythm that will take a year to get normalized
  • For Don Genereux, who had cataract surgery. Successful healing
    For Ali Johnson, who asks to get her own place, and that “God continues to work on me and through me”
  • For teachers, students and parents as they navigate through classes in school and at home in this time of COVID-19
    For Aimee Sahlsteen’s brother, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease. Strength for him and his family
  • Heather Butterfield asks for continued healing for Joanie, Staci and Becky
  • That a vaccination for COVID-19 will soon become available
  • For Julie Carr’s stepdaughter Jackie, who is experiencing encouraging results from her cancer treatment. Please continue prayers
  • For Sherri Varsho, who is living with cancer, going through treatments. Healing and strength
  • For Dave Brady, Nancy Amundsen’s brother, who has Lewi Body dementia. Strength for him and his whole family
  • For unity and healing in our personal relationships as we navigate the political divides

Volunteer for worship

Chain of Lakes is a place where you can share the gifts and passions God has given you.
Learn about God and express praise through various volunteer activities that help this community to worship God. To sign up or learn more, please contact Chain of Lakes at 763.208.8049 or
Lead Music
From bluegrass, to choir, to children with their bells, Chain of Lakes is singing a new song unto the Lord!
The worship music team rotates between a dedicated group of volunteer musicians from Chain of Lakes weekly.
If you are a musician looking to use your gifts in a ministry setting, you are welcome here. Instrumentalists and vocalists are encouraged to inquire and become a part of how God is using musicians at Chain of Lakes.
Other Leadership Roles
click on each description below for more information:

Small groups

Why join? To connect, develop friendships, have fun. Click on each title for group information; sign up at 763.208.8049 or

Two small groups will connect to Pastor Paul’s  “What Do You Believe?” sermon series that starts October 11. Each week he will talk about beliefs and values that can keep us rooted during these very uncertain times. The first three weeks will be about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Each small group will meet weekly for 60 – 90 minutes, for 6 weeks. People in the group will have a chance to get to know each other better and talk about their own values during these tumultuous times. This is an opportunity to connect to people during this very disconnecting time!

Tuesdays, starting October 13,   Kathy Brevig will lead a small group at Chain of Lakes, with COVID precautions, starting at 6:30pm.

Thursdays, starting October 15, Pastor Paul will lead a small group over Zoom starting at 7pm.

Sign up on the Communication Card, email or talk to Pastor Paul or Kathy by calling the church office at 763.208.8049.

Coordinator:  Alice Nyberg Mondays, 7pm September 14 – November 16 Bowlero Bowl, 11351 Ulysses St NE, Blaine Cost is $10 per person per week Enjoy bowling, and old and new friendships. For COVID precautions everyone must wear a mask while inside the bowling alley except when on the lanes bowling.  Bowlero will have partitions between the lanes so people aren’t sitting back to back. They also will do in-depth cleaning. Email if you are interested. You do not have to be in the Chain of Lakes congregation to be in the bowling league.

Prayer Group

Members of the Chain of Lakes Prayer Group pray over the requests that are received at Chain of Lakes each week. Let Chain of Lakes support you! For more information and to be a part of the Prayer Group contact the church office at 763.208.8049 or

Ministry Teams

More information about each team can be provided by each team’s respective chair person. Contact the church office to reach any of the above team members: 763.208.8049 or
Chris Audet (chair), Kathy Brevig (staff), Brad Olson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Jolene Altrichter (chair), Nancy Amundsen, Heather Butterfield, Ginnelle Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
John Ivers (chair), Kevin Amundsen, Paul Edgett, Pam Graves, Dick Pederson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Local Impact
Pam Graves, Val Owens, Dick and Sharon Pederson, Cathy Smith, Pastor Paul Moore (chair)(staff)

Val Owens (chair), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Small Groups
Richard Garcia, Pastor Paul Moore (chair)(staff)
COVID-19 Safety Task Force
Sally Leitch (chair), Jolene Altrichter, Karen Bakia, Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, John Ivers, Dave Nyberg, Julie Carr (staff), Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

John Ivers (chair), John Altrichter, Noel Lutsey, Dave Nyberg, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Karen Bakia (chair), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Youth & Family
Lena Truong (chair), Nancy Clunis, Stacy Foreman, Justin Leitch