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Connect & grow at Chain of Lakes Church​

Chain of Lakes is passionate about helping people become who God desires for them to be.
Chain of Lakes helps people in four ways:

Chain of Lakes helps people in their faith life
Chain of Lakes wants everyone to become and grow as a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple means that our relationship to Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in our life.

Chain of Lakes helps people in their relationship life
Relationships can be messy. They are just as hard now as when Jesus developed a following. God can help us with our relationships. Chain of Lakes is willing to address topics that prevent us from having quality relationships.

Chain of Lakes helps people heal from past wounds
Let’s face it—we’ve all been hurt. These hurts can prevent us from being who God desires for us to be. Chain of Lakes wants to help people be released from the pain of the past so we can move into the future.

Chain of Lakes helps people develop their identity in Christ— Their Inspirational Intersection
The Inspirational Intersection is the intersection between what God wants us to do and what we want to do. At this intersection is tremendous energy, imagination, and love. We want to help every person who connects to Chain of Lakes discover this place. And when people do—watch out!! The world is going to be changed!


Announcements for the week of November 22 – 28, 2020

Welcome to worship at Chain of Lakes Church.

Welcome to people worshiping in-house at Davenport, online, and  via video during the week. Today we welcome Rev. Brenda Alexander. Brenda is a retired Presbyterian pastor who served the Presbyterian Church in White Bear Lake.   Thanks to Scott Larson for being the Music Leader today.

Everyone is encouraged to hand in their Estimate of Giving card for this year’s stewardship drive.

A special blessing to all, in particular to guests, who worship today. Everyone is asked to fill out the Communication Card that is in the bulletin and or online at  All guests who fill out the Communication Card will receive a gift.  

Kids are encouraged to enjoy the Kids’ Bags that are distributed to every family with children. 

Pastor Paul will be done with quarantine this Tuesday and will be back in the office on Wednesday. He will be working at home on Monday and Tuesday. His daughter, Hannah, who had COVID is back living at Hamline. Thanks for all of the prayers!

If you choose not to worship in-person at Davenport, you can worship online. You can worship online at 10:30am by clicking the Online Sunday Worship Service  link at  If it doesn’t work for you to worship online at 10:30am on Sunday, you can worship  anytime during the week by going to the Sermon Videos at


Carol High has been hired by the Session to work with youth at Chain of Lakes. Yay, God! Carol brings a wide range of experiences and gifts to the ministry of education. She has a special place in her heart for teenagers and children. For the immediate future she will partner with the Youth and Family Ministry Team to make decisions about the resumption of child care and Sunday Circles. She will continue to be a leader in Rocket Fire!, the ministry for Middle and Senior High Youth on Wednesday evenings. Hiring Carol is one  way that Chain of Lakes is committed to the Core Value of Investing in Future Generations. We understand this Core Value to mean, “Our priority is to create an atmosphere where children, youth and young adults grow in their faith.” Please welcome Carol to this new position.


Rocket Fire is the new ministry for Middle School and High School. Youth will meet  Wednesday, December 2 on Zoom at 6:30pm for a half-hour get-together.  More information to come!


Because of COVID-19 concerns Sunday Circles is not currently being offered. All children in worship are given activity bags. If parents need some extra space with their children, consider going to the Community Life Center. Families and children are very welcome to use that space during worship.


Various people will lead the singing during worship. Their gifts will help everyone who worships in-person and online to experience God. Thanks to Scott Larson for leading music today.

 Sunday, November 29   Pastor Paul will begin a new sermon series called, “The wonder of Christmas.” Given 2020 has been such a hard year, each of us needs to experience Christmas as we never have before. In this series Pastor Paul will share the wonder or beauty of Christmas. The hope is that in every service someone will be touched.

Do you enjoy shooting videos? Have a passion for photography? Want a new skill for your resume? Chain of Lakes needs a few volunteers willing to serve once or twice a month as camera operators/video producers. This position requires being in the A/V room at the Davenport location alongside other technicians on Sunday mornings to assist with the online worship experience. Training by an experienced volunteer is provided. If this sounds like a great opportunity or if you have questions, please sign up on the Communication card or email


Estimate of Giving cards can be:


Everyone is encouraged to do their best to keep current on financial giving. Consider:

  • Using the enclosed envelope in the bulletin at church to make a contribution 
  • Mail a contribution by check to the church office
  • Make a contribution on the church website at
  • Make a contribution via automatic withdrawal. This is a convenient way to give. If you need a form, email

November 23    Monday           10am   Cleaning
November 23    Monday             5pm   Connection
November 23    Monday             7pm   Financial
                                                   Transaction Training
November 24    Tuesday       6:30pm   Session
November 25    Wednesday  3:30pm  Staff

  • For Inga and Darren Ewing after positive COVID tests
  • For Nancy Knauff, Kathy Brevig’s sister, to be healed of two compression fractures in her back, causing a lot of pain
  • For James Maatman, that he remains symptom free after his positive COVID test
  • For HOPE, that we can all give one another a chance and share peace in the months ahead
  • Praise the Lord for the healing of many COVID cases
  • For Sarah Womack and her family, as she recovers from COVID-19
  • For teachers, students and parents as they cope with new ways of learning
  • For Aimee Sahlsteen’s brother, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease. Strength for him and his family
  • For a vaccination for COVID-19 to soon become available
  • For Sherri Varsho, who is living with cancer, going through treatments. Healing and strength
  • For Dave Brady, Nancy Amundsen’s brother, who has Lewi Body dementia. Strength for him and his whole family

Volunteer for worship

Chain of Lakes is a place where you can share the gifts and passions God has given you.
Learn about God and express praise through various volunteer activities that help this community to worship God. To sign up or learn more, please contact Chain of Lakes at 763.208.8049 or
Lead Music
From bluegrass, to choir, to children with their bells, Chain of Lakes is singing a new song unto the Lord!
The worship music team rotates between a dedicated group of volunteer musicians from Chain of Lakes weekly. 
If you are a musician looking to use your gifts in a ministry setting, you are welcome here. Instrumentalists and vocalists are encouraged to inquire and become a part of how God is using musicians at Chain of Lakes.
Other Leadership Roles
click on each description below for more information:

Small groups

Why join? To connect, develop friendships, have fun. Click on each title for group information; sign up at 763.208.8049 or

Join a Chain of Lakes small group during Advent. What better way to prepare your heart during this season, than to participate with others.  Each group will last approximately 75 minutes and will go for three weeks.


“The Wonder of Christmas” led by Kathy Brevig on Tuesday evenings, starting December 1 at 6:30pm

Have you lost your sense of wonder this year? Have the challenges of the year closed off your heart from being touched? Join Kathy at Davenport for this small group which promises to restore your sense of wonder about the birth of Jesus. Be ready to have your heart touched. The group will correspond to the sermon series that Pastor Paul will be sharing.  The group will be limited to six people, with in-person COVID precautions.


Three Zoom sessions of “Living with generosity and simplicity during Advent” led by Amy Moore on Wednesday, December 2 & 9 and Monday December 14 from 6:45 – 8 pm.  Once Advent starts, does the season seem more like a frantic crossing off of your to-do list instead of a season of joy? Join Amy as she helps participants live out practices of generosity and simplicity. This group will be based on the book, 7 Days of Christmas: A Season of Generosity by Jen Hatmaker, as well as some Advent Reflections. Be ready to let go of much and take on joy. No need to purchase the book – all materials will be emailed to participants.


“The Wonder of Christmas” led by Pastor Paul on Thursday evenings, starting December 3 at 7:45pm.

Have you lost your sense of wonder this year? Have the challenges of the year closed off your heart from being touched? Join Pastor Paul on Zoom for this small group which promises to restore your sense of wonder about the birth of Jesus. Be ready to have your heart touched.

Sign up for a group by sending an email to

Prayer Requests

Members of the Chain of Lakes Prayer Group pray over the requests that are received at Chain of Lakes each week. See the list at the end of Announcements. Let Chain of Lakes support you! For more information and to be a part of the Prayer Group contact the church office at 763.208.8049 or

Ministry Teams


More information about each team can be provided by each team’s respective chair person. Contact the church office to reach any of the team members: 763.208.8049 or
Chris Audet (chair), Kathy Brevig (staff), Brad Olson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Jolene Altrichter (chair), Nancy Amundsen, Heather Butterfield, Ginnelle Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
John Ivers (chair), Kevin Amundsen, Paul Edgett, Pam Graves, Dick Pederson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Local Impact
Pam Graves, Val Owens, Dick and Sharon Pederson, Cathy Smith, Pastor Paul Moore (chair)(staff)

Val Owens (chair), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Small Groups
Richard Garcia, Pastor Paul Moore (chair)(staff)
COVID-19 Safety Task Force
Sally Leitch (chair), Jolene Altrichter, Karen Bakia, Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, John Ivers, Dave Nyberg, Julie Carr (staff), Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

John Ivers (chair), John Altrichter, Noel Lutsey, Dave Nyberg, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Karen Bakia (chair), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Youth & Family
Lena Truong (chair), Nancy Clunis, Stacy Foreman, Justin Leitch, Carol High (staff)