Youth & Family

Children gather early in worship at Time for Children and then move
to the Children’s Space for continued learning called Sunday Circles.
Bethany Bourgoin, Director of Youth and Family Ministries or 763.208.8049
Contact or 763.208.8049 for more information
Parent’s Day Out
December 14,  2019
2-5pm (exact time to be added soon)
Kids will enjoy a movie, popcorn, snacks, games & crafts!
Parents, go shopping or just take time for you!
Join in!
Confirmation starts March 24
High school students ages 9th-12th grade are encouraged to participate in
Confirmation using the program
Confirm not Conform.
Bethany Bourgoin and Carol High will be leading this group.  
Tween Bible Study Kickoff March 24
Kick off for Tweens Bible Study Sunday March 24.  
All youth in grades 5th-8th are invited to attend the first Bible study during Sunday Circles.  
As always, friends are encouraged and welcome to
attend both Sunday Circles and the fellowship event afterwards.