Chain of Lakes online worship
Palm Sunday April 5, and Easter Sunday April 12, 2020
Discover how a man who walked the ground of Galilee almost 2,000 years ago
brought hope into the world. This man’s name, of course, is Jesus.


The lessons of Jesus in his final week—his teachings, his death, and resurrection—

communicate the greatest message of hope the world has ever received.


Each of us still needs this message of hope—especially when people are so divided.


Pastor Paul will explore this message of hope in a two-week sermon series called

“Hope can bring us together.”

The sermon series will start on Palm Sunday, April 5, and end on Easter Sunday, April 12.


On Palm Sunday, April 5, Pastor Paul will show how the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

on a donkey is one of the most courageous and hopeful acts the world has seen.


On Easter Sunday, April 12, Pastor Paul will share how the death and resurrection of Jesus

initiated a force into the world that every person can still enjoy.

If the divisions in the community, or your family, or with your friends

or the divisions you see in the world are bringing you down – worship online with Chain of Lakes for this two week series.


Hope can bring us together!