Connect & Grow at Chain of Lakes Church

Chain of Lakes is passionate about
helping people become who
God desires for them to be.
Chain of Lakes helps people in four ways:
Chain of Lakes helps people in their faith life  
Chain of Lakes wants everyone to become and grow as a disciple of Jesus.
Being a disciple means that our relationship to Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in our life.
Chain of Lakes helps people in their relationship life
Relationships can be messy. They are just as hard now as when Jesus developed a following.
God can help us with our relationships.
Chain of Lakes is willing to address topics that prevent us from having quality relationships.
Chain of Lakes helps people heal from past wounds
Let’s face it—we’ve all been hurt.
These hurts can prevent us from being who God desires for us to be.
Chain of Lakes wants to help people be released from the pain of the past so we can move into the future.
Chain of Lakes helps people develop their identity in ChristTheir Inspirational Intersection
The Inspirational Intersection is the intersection between what God wants us to do and what we want to do.
At this intersection is tremendous energy, imagination, and love.
We want to help every person who connects to Chain of Lakes discover this place.
And when people do—watch out!!
The world is going to be changed!