Chain of Lakes Church


Garden Plot Application and Agreement Form

Chain of Lakes Church

10130 Davenport Street NE

Blaine, MN 55449


Please print and complete application and mail to:
           Chain of Lakes Church          
         10130 Davenport Street NE #160          
Blaine, MN 55449
Garden Plot Application and Agreement Form
Applicant Information
Last Name: ________________________________________ First: ___________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________ City: ____________________ Zip Code: _________
Home Phone: ___________________ Work/Cell: ___________________ Email: _______________________
Please check one: Church Partner ___ Lakes Resident___ Neither Lakes Resident or Church Partner___
Annual Plot Number Requesting:     1st Choice _____ 2nd Choice _____ 3rd Choice _____
Perennial Plot Number Requesting: 1st Choice _____ 2nd Choice _____ 3rd Choice _____
If you are willing to share ½ a plot with another gardener please check here___ After registration has closed we will offer the option of sharing ½ a plot to those gardeners that were unable to secure a plot for this year. We will forward you the contact information for those gardeners and arrangements including payments should be determined between the two parties.
Mail application and check to: Chain of Lakes, 10130 Davenport St NE #160, Blaine, MN 55449Once we receive your application we will assign you a plot number.
Location: Garden plots are located at the west end of the church property.  *Parking is available on church property. Street parking is for residents only. I hereby agree to lease a garden plot at the Chain of Lakes Church (COL) Community Gardens Chain of Lakes Church  agrees to:
  1. Have the garden plots ready for planting approximately mid May.
  2. Stake out and identify with a number each 15’ x 20’ plot.
  3. Provide water access.
  4. Till the garden plots in the spring.

  The Lessee agrees to:

  1. Abide by the rules & regulations for community garden plots established & provided by the COL  (next page).
  2. Hold the COL harmless from vandalism, theft, property damage or personal injury that may occur in said garden area.
  3. Assume all the responsibility for all personal property and personal belongings used at the garden area.
  4. The term of this agreement shall be from the date of this agreement through October 15th of the same year, at which time all vegetation and personal property shall be removed by the gardener from the garden area.
  5. Allowing the COL CHURCH to use personal information for the purpose of contacting the lessee, and to share with other gardeners, but not to the public. The lessee may choose to withhold this information, but must notify the COL Church Administrator (
I have read, understand and agree to all of the above-mentioned conditions for the rental of the Chain of Lakes Community Garden Plots. ________________________________________ _________________________ 
                                                                Signature                                                   Date
PAYMENT INFORMATION Amount Due: $25 Participatory Plot (Sign attached agreement)  $50 Non-participatory Plot Payment Type: Check ___ (Make check payable to Chain of Lakes Church)      Cash  ___
Signature: ____________________________ 
Office Use Only:      Date Received: __________           Plot Number Assigned: __________              Processed by: ____________    


 Chain of Lakes Church Community Garden Plots
  1. Crops, plants, vines and vegetation must be contained within the boundaries of one’s 15’ x 20’ garden plot.
  2. Participants may garden at their own convenience during the hours of 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week.
  3. Community garden plots are intended for personal use only. Gardening for commercial purposes is not allowed.
  4. Pets are NOT allowed in the community garden area.
  5. Children in the community garden area MUST be supervised at all times.
  7. Weeds and cuttings should be placed in the composting bin.
  8. All weeds, cuttings, and other debris must be removed with each visit.
  9. Absolutely no dumping of debris into other garden.
  10. No illegal plants, shrubs, etc. will be tolerated. Annual flowering plants are acceptable.
  11. Fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides will be used in a way that will not detrimentally affect adjacent garden plots or grass areas. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE!
  12. Structures, other than trellis for vegetation are not allowed.
  13. Water will be supplied by Chain of Lakes Church. Gardeners may use their own hoses. DO NOT DRINK. WATER IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
  14. Wood chips or cedar will not be used for compost.
  15. All crops on annual plots MUST BE harvested by October 15, 2020.
  16. All non-compost material MUST BE removed from annual lots by October 15, 2020.
  17. Eight plots are designated for perennials. The plot will not be tilled after spring 2020. Gardeners are responsible for weed control and debris year-round.  Plot payment is due by October 15th of the preceding year.
  18. The Chain of Lakes Church, OR the Governing Board assumes NO LIABILITY for any injury, damage, theft or loss of property of the gardeners.
  19. The Community Garden Board reserves the right to have full access to all garden plots at any time. This will ensure that all rules, regulations, and laws are being observed.
  20. This community garden plot site is temporary pending future land use and may be moved to another location. A one year notice will be given to gardeners prior to this action.
  21. There will be an annual informational meeting at the church office. At that meeting, anyone interested will have a chance to join the Governing Board.
  22. Watch the bulletin board at the garden site for further news and updates.
Participating Plot Agreement  
I agree to provide at least 4 hours, per plot of volunteer time to the operation of Chain of Lakes Community Gardens.  This can include serving on the Board, spring garden set-up, water hookup, deer fence set-up/maintenance, compost tending, mowing, and/or fall clean up.
By participating in the Chain of Lakes Garden cooperative I will receive a reduced fee for my plot.
Service opportunities will be provided by e-mail and through the bulletin board located at the gardens.    
_______________________________                        ________________________
                         Signature                                                                                     Date