Chain of Lakes
Weekly Announcements
Welcome to Chain of Lakes Church
Sunday, July 21, 10:30am
Today Pastor Paul is continuing a sermon series called, “You have a Friend in me.”
He’s looking at the themes of friendship in the Toy Story
movies and relating them to Scripture and our own lives. 
Today he is looking at the themes of friendship in Toy Story 4.


Please stay after worship for a time of fellowship.

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Youth and Family
Sunday Circles

Children are welcome to go with Lena Truong to Sunday Circles after Communion. Sunday Circles is the educational ministry offered by Chain of Lakes. Younger children and babies will be welcomed by Stacy Foreman, one of our Youth & Family Team Members.


Tween Bible Study

This summer from June until the beginning of September, there will be no Tween Bible Study. Instead, we are exploring Sunday Circles as one large group – elementary through middle school – in playtime, scripture and friendship!

  Picnic at the Beach Day: Lawn games, swimming, playing in the sunshine and dinner on the grill! All ages are welcome to join the Youth & Family Team next Sunday, July 28,  4-7pm at Lakeside Commons Park Pavilion in Blaine. The Grilling Small Group will provide a delicious dinner on the grill! Parking is free at the church property, a short walk from the park. Parking permits are required to park at Lakeside Commons. Permits are free for Blaine residents with proof of residence. $5 parking permits are offered at the park for non-Blaine residents. Go to for more information and directions.  

Clearwater Forest Scholarships: Does your child want to attend Clearwater Forest Church Camp this summer? The Youth & Family Team has scholarships available, from $50-100 per child. Please contact Bethany Bourgoin or Lena Truong for more information.  

Building Love Inside Out Campaign

Thanks to everyone who made a pledge to the Building Love Inside Out campaign.  People from Chain of Lakes have pledged $257,410 so far.  Chain of Lakes is over two-thirds of the way to the goal for the campaign.  The average pledge given so far is $10,000.  This is an outstanding initial response. Every gift, no matter what the amount, is important.  Every gift makes the future breaking of ground more possible. Thank you!

The congregation will be updated as more pledges are received.

             Chain of Lakes Instagram page
If you use Instagram, consider following the Chain of Lakes Instagram page that was recently set up. The page name is chain_of_lakes_blaine.
                             Team Meetings
  • Monday, July 22               9am Cleaning
  • Tuesday, July 23            10am Staff 
  • Tuesday, July 23              7pm Worship
  • Wednesday, July 24    3:45pm Communication
  • Friday, July 26                 2pm  Office help/cleaning
                           Upcoming Worship   
  • Sunday, July 28 Pastor Paul will wrap up the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” sermon series.  Kayla Flanagan is sharing her faith story. The Local Impact Team will be given an award for their work with HOPE 4 Youth in a recent fundraising walk.
  • Sunday, August 4 Pastor Paul is beginning a new sermon series on Serenity.  Communion will be celebrated.
  • Sunday, August 11 As the Davenport facility will be set up for Vacation Church Camp, Chain of Lakes will worship on the front parking lot.  Pastor Paul will continue a sermon series on Serenity. 

Pop-Up Canopy Tents for Worship on August 11

Can you bring a pop-up canopy tent on Sunday, August 11, for use during worship? If so, please mark the Communication Card. Thank you!

                            Deacon’s Corner                             Notice the table in the right front corner of the Worship Center. On alternating Sundays one of the Chain of Lakes Deacons will be at the table, available to listen to you, celebrate with you, discuss a Bible verse, pray with you. Fabrice will be at the table today. We may not see Fabrice for a while after today—he is going to college in Mankato! Congratulations Fabrice!                                                                                                                                               Lost and Found                                       Everything in the Lost and Found box will be on a table in the Community Life Center today, July 21. Anything that is not claimed will be given to Goodwill or Savers.

                        Summer Small Groups               
  • Pickleball:  Monday, 7pm, July 15 – August 26 . Lexington Athletic Complex in Blaine. Led by Pastor Paul. All skill levels welcome.  
  •  Grilling:  Sundays after church. Grill variety of foods for lunch at various host locations. Led by Richard Garcia and Chris Audet. 
  • Walking: Monday, 11:30am, July 22 – August 12, Tuesday August 20, last group Monday August 26. Pioneer Park, 2491 125th Ave NE, Blaine. Led by Doreen Sampson. All fitness levels welcome.
Talk to the small group leaders,
or call the church office, 763.208.8049

                              Fall Fun Fair                                    Fall Fun Fair is an annual fall event on the Chain of Lakes property. Fall Fun Fair starts with worship at 10:30 followed with games, food, and music!  Fall Fun Fair is Sunday, September 15. Save the date!                                

                 Future Building at Chain of Lakes

The people of Chain of Lakes are working hard at creating a building on the church property, which is located just east of Malmborg’s Garden Center on 125th Ave NE in Blaine. A building plan has been approved by the Session, the governing body of the church. The building plan includes a high school sized gym, a worship space, space for children’s ministry, and offices. Plans are to break ground in March 2020.