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Chain of Lakes is passionate about helping people become who God desires for them to be.
Chain of Lakes helps people in four ways:

Chain of Lakes helps people in their faith life
Chain of Lakes wants everyone to become and grow as a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple means that our relationship to Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in our life.

Chain of Lakes helps people in their relationship life
Relationships can be messy. They are just as hard now as when Jesus developed a following. God can help us with our relationships. Chain of Lakes is willing to address topics that prevent us from having quality relationships.

Chain of Lakes helps people heal from past wounds
Let’s face it—we’ve all been hurt. These hurts can prevent us from being who God desires for us to be. Chain of Lakes wants to help people be released from the pain of the past so we can move into the future.

Chain of Lakes helps people develop their identity in Christ— Their Inspirational Intersection
The Inspirational Intersection is the intersection between what God wants us to do and what we want to do. At this intersection is tremendous energy, imagination, and love. We want to help every person who connects to Chain of Lakes discover this place. And when people do—watch out!! The world is going to be changed!


Announcements for the week of June 13, 2021

Welcome to worship at Chain of Lakes Church.

Today Pastor Paul is starting a new sermon series called, “The Best Advice Ever.” Each Sunday he is looking at a question that many people have, and then sharing the advice Jesus would give to that question. Today he is looking at the question, “How to be great?” Each Sunday during this series someone from Chain of Lakes will share a story about the best advice they ever received. Today Sally Orock will share a story through a video.

Today we will enjoy contemporary music. Pastor Paul will do a short teaching on the Apostles’ Creed.

A special blessing to all, in particular to guests, who worship today. Everyone is asked to fill out the Communication Card in the bulletin at church
or online at All guests who fill out the Communication Card will receive a gift.  

  • If you are fully vaccinated (two weeks out from receiving vaccination), you do not have to wear a mask.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, you have to wear a mask. People leading childcare/Sunday Circles have to wear a mask.
  • Worship leaders (singers, Lay Reader, Pastor, and speakers) who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear a mask. If they have not been vaccinated, they have to wear a mask.
  • Anyone is welcome to wear a mask even if vaccinated, and will be accepted for their decision.

Chain of Lakes is also sharing a livestream of today’s worship service. To worship online at 10:30am click the Sunday Online Worship Service button at  

After Time for Children, Sunday Circles will be held in the Kids Space  during worship.

Next Sunday, June 20, is the kick-off of Drive-In worship at 10:30am on the Chain of Lakes property. Bring a lawn chair to sit by your car. Sing, hear Scriptures, a sermon, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Snuggle in the backseat of your car with your favorite person if you like. Worship leaders will be standing on the south berm of the property. Everyone who comes to Drive-In worship on June 20th will receive a bag of popcorn. Activities for kids will be provided.

You can help out with Drive-In worship in three ways.

  1. Pass out door hangers this week in The Lakes neighborhood about the launch of Drive-In worship. Pick up a packet of  door hangers and a map. You can hand out door hangers at a time convenient for you.
  2. Help set up for Drive-In worship. Each Sunday at least four people are needed to help with set-up of Drive-In worship. Be part of a team who helps out. With enough people signing up you would do this once or twice a month. Sign up on the Communication Card on this website.
  3. Invite a friend to Drive-In worship. Invitations can be extended in a number of ways. A Facebook event page will be set up where you can share on your own Facebook page; share an email about Drive-In worship that you will receive this week; call someone and invite the person to go with you. 

Any background in fundraising efforts for school or youth organizations? Any experience in raising funds for a company or non-profit? Any interest in learning more about fund development for your career or resume? Any desire to help Chain of Lakes raise money to supplement the annual budget? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Chain of Lakes needs you! Email to be a part of a creative, proactive, fun team that believes Chain of Lakes is making a difference in people’s lives and the wider community.

June 20     As part of the “The Best Advice Ever” series Pastor Paul will look at how Jesus responded to the question, “How often do I forgive?”  Obi Anizor is scheduled to share a talk on the best advice she has ever received.

June 27     Pastor Bill Chadwick will preach at Drive-In worship. Bill is a long time friend of Chain of Lakes. 

FREE T-Shirts are in the Community Life Center. The T-Shirts were part of the Serve 2020 initiative led by the Local Impact Team. The initiative was halted at the time by COVID, but rest assured there will be many opportunities shared in the next few months about service. The T-Shirts belong to the people of Chain of Lakes rather than being stored in a bin. Please take one!

Thanks to everyone who gave to the Stimulate Special Offering. The congregation reached the offering goal of $4,000. Yay, God! 

This summer Chain of Lakes is going to experience a variety of music styles.  Enjoy our offerings on the following Sundays: 

  • June 20 – Gospel Music
    June 27 – Contemporary songs of the 1990’s
    July 4     – Traditional Hymns
    July 11    – Secular Music

If you would like to receive a copy of the Floor Plan for the future building, send an email to

A copy of the floor plan is also on the wall of the Community Life Center along with a thermometer that shares how Chain of Lakes is doing on receiving Building Fund gifts.

Chain of Lakes has a Community Garden on the church property in The Lakes.

Eighteen plots have been rented, and there are still some plots available. The annual rent is $25 if you help with garden chores, or $50 if you prefer to not volunteer.  Water for the garden is available at central faucets/hoses in the gardens. The gardens are open to the public. Go to to learn more and for an application. 

Everyone is encouraged to do their best to keep current on financial giving. Consider:

  • Mail a contribution by check to the church office
  • Make a contribution on the church website at
  • Make a contribution via automatic withdrawal. This is a convenient way to give. If you need a form, email

June 14   Monday                5pm   Connection
June 14   Monday                7pm   Worship Team
June 15   Wednesday  10:30am   Staff meeting
June 18   Friday                   2pm   Office help/cleaning

Volunteer for worship

Chain of Lakes is a place where you can share the gifts and passions God has given you.
Learn about God and express praise through various volunteer activities that help this community to worship God. To sign up or learn more, please contact Chain of Lakes at 763.208.8049 or
Lead Music
From bluegrass, to choir, to children with their bells, Chain of Lakes is singing a new song unto the Lord!
The worship music team rotates between a dedicated group of volunteer musicians from Chain of Lakes weekly. 
If you are a musician looking to use your gifts in a ministry setting, you are welcome here. Instrumentalists and vocalists are encouraged to inquire and become a part of how God is using musicians at Chain of Lakes.
Other Leadership Roles
click on each description below for more information:

Small groups

Why join? To connect, develop friendships, have fun. Click on each title for group information; sign up at 763.208.8049 or

This small group goes deeper into The Sermon on the Mount.  Heather Butterfield also has a group  discussing the book Discovering How to Pray, by Hope MacDonald.

  • One Wednesday a month at 7pm Heather Butterfield leads a group over Zoom on the book Discovering How to Pray, by Hope MacDonald
  • Other Wednesdays at 7pm Heather Butterfield leads a group over Zoom on The Sermon on the Mount
Sign up by contacting, or calling 763.208.8049

Prayer Group & Prayer Requests

Members of the Chain of Lakes Prayer Group pray over the requests that are received at Chain of Lakes each week. See the list of current prayer requests below. Let Chain of Lakes support you! For more information and to be a part of the Prayer Group contact the church office at 763.208.8049 or

  • Gratitude for Sharon Pederson’s successful cardioversion procedure last Tuesday to correct atrial fibrillation
  • For the Chain of Lakes Building Team in its interaction with all needed agencies in order to complete plans and move forward
  • For Heather Butterfield’s friend Charity, to heal her heart, lungs and brain AVM. Peace and restoration of relationships
  • For Laurie Arbes sister Bobbi, who has lung cancer, and asks for light and peace
  • For Heather Clinton’s friend Keith, who has advanced lung cancer. Pray for a miracle for Keith and his wife Eileen
  • For Jennifer Ivers, granddaughter of Gloria and John Ivers, that she recovers fully from COVID-19 and breathing complications
  • For Jay Thomas, friend of Beau Field, to be healed of cancer
  • For Sherri Varsho, who is living with cancer, going through treatments. Healing and strength
  • For Dave Brady, Nancy Amundsen’s brother, who has Lewi Body dementia. Strength for him and his family

Ministry Teams


More information about each team can be provided by each team’s respective chair person. Contact the church office to reach any of the team members: 763.208.8049 or
Chris Audet (chair), Kathy Brevig (staff), Brad Olson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff), Amanda & Jordan Serfling
Jolene Altrichter (chair),  Heather Butterfield, Ginnelle Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
John Ivers (chair), Kevin Amundsen, Paul Edgett, Pam Graves, Dick Pederson, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Local Impact
Ken Booker, Kayla Flanagan, Val Owens, Dick and Sharon Pederson (chair), Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Val Owens (chair), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Small Groups
Richard Garcia, Pastor Paul Moore (chair)(staff)
COVID-19 Safety Task Force
Sally Leitch (chair), Jolene Altrichter, Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, John Ivers, Dave Nyberg,  Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

John Ivers (chair), John Altrichter, Noel Lutsey, Dave Nyberg, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)

Jan Boehm (staff), Becky Booker, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Youth & Family
Carol High (chair), Nancy Clunis, Stacy Foreman, Justin Leitch, Lena Truong