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The Youth and Family Ministry Team is seeking dedicated volunteers to help with Sunday Circles and Confirmation. Substitute leaders are also needed. If you are interested in sharing your gifts with kids, please sign up on the communication card or contact Justin Leitch at or Sally Narr at 763-218-2904,  Chain of Lakes is open to new colleagues in ministry!
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Sunday Circles takes place in the Kids Space just beyond the church offices. Circle leaders are adults dedicated to spiritual formation of children.

Babies, waddlers and toddlers are nurtured by Chain of Lakes professional Childcare Coordinator, Sherri Varsho. Sherri will take wonderful care of your little ones! Your child is always welcome and safe!

It is sometimes hard for children to come to a new place. Chain of Lakes offers tours of the Kids Space before and after worship. Please let an ushers know that you would like a tour.


Does your child have special needs? If so, Chain of Lakes offers a home visit to set up an individualized plan so that your child is nurtured in a way that meets his or her special needs. Every child is welcomed as Jesus would welcome: with open arms!