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Parent information about what Chain of Lakes teaches children 
One of the basic beliefs within the Presbyterian church is that
God is full of grace and mercy and therefore,

the role of believers is to live fully in gratitude. 

Accepting the gift of grace provides meaning and value to walk
in the world with the Light of Christ showing the way. 
 Children will learn about God’s gift of grace,
how to accept it, and how to live with grace and gratitude

in their heart and show that grace through actions.

Children will learn to be God’s light in the world by being kind,
compassionate, serving others, and having fun.
  Of course this includes learning how to share, how to be a friend,
how to pray to God and for others, while learning the stories of Jesus

 and God’s people, and much, much, more!

The curriculum used at Chain of Lakes is “Growing in Grace & Gratitude.”
It is designed to encourage and help kids learn how to be a   

disciple who goes out and changes the world. 

Need more information?
Have questions? 
Please feel free to contact, Sally Narr, Director of Youth and Family Ministries
at or 763.218.2904
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Sunday Circles takes place in the Kids
Space just beyond the church offices.
Circle leaders are adults dedicated to spiritual
formation of children.
Babies, waddlers and toddlers are nurtured by
Chain of Lakes professional Childcare Coordinator,
 Sherri Varsho. Sherri will take wonderful
care of your little ones!

Your child is always welcome and safe!

It is sometimes hard for children to come to a new place.
Chain of Lakes offers tours of the Kids Space

before and after worship.

Please let an ushers know that you would like a tour.

Does your child have special needs? If so, Chain of Lakes
offers a home visit to set up an individualized plan

 so that your child is nurtured in a way that meets his or her special needs. Every child is welcomed as Jesus would welcome: with open arms!


Parenting Tips for the New Year!  

Parenting Tip, February 25, 2018: 

Family Lent Ideas:  One of the ways families of faith can get to know one another is to intentionally partner with the congregation.  In the book, The Baptism of Your Child: A Book for Presbyterian Families by Carol A. Wehrheim, there is a short passage that provides ways parents can live out their baptismal vows to their child and provides ways for disciples to live out their baptismal vows to families!

  1. Be present for worship and other church activities
  2. Get to know families and adults and kids in the congregation
  3. Invite church disciples over for dessert or a meal
  4. Look for single adults or couples without children who would cherish the chance to be included in your child’s life.  Your child may lead them “into joy and laughter” too
  5. Remember to ask for particular help and support when you/your family needs it


Parenting Tip, February 18, 2018: 

Family Lent Ideas:  The season of Lent is a wonderful time to intensify our walk with Christ, but a bit difficult to explain to children.  Begin with the idea that the church has special seasons of the year–sort of like the seasons such as winter and fall.  The Church seasons are Lent, Easter, Eastertide, Pentecost, Grow Season, Advent, Christmas and Christmastide which includes Epiphany.  Explain how each season has a special color–purple for Lent, white for Easter and Eastertide, red for Pentecost and green for growth.  Advent is purple or blue and Christmas is white.  Epiphany, the season of Light is typically a light blue.  Create a game with construction paper using the colors listed above.  Cut into squares, hearts, circles or rectangles.  Mix up the pieces and ask your child about the color, shape, and what season it might be for church.  Creating church seasons as a part of family life integrates the holy into daily living.  Choose the color purple for candles, placemats, towels, etc., so that your child knows it is Lent!


Parenting Tip, February 11, 2018:  

Put Love in Your Hearts.  Children and parents need to know that they are loved by every family member.  This week put some emphasis on “loving each other” in special ways. Stick a heart shaped chocolate or cinnamon candy in a backpack or lunch.  Make homemade valentines for neighbors, grandparents, teachers and friends at church.  Need supplies?!  Grab or make a Valentines-to-Go bag (pink and red paper, white doilies and stickers) and have an afternoon full of learning how to make valentines and rhyme words to create poetry!  Then bend over and whisper to your child, “I love you!”


Parenting Tip, February 4, 2018 

Let’s Play!  The work of children is to play and it is God’s intention for children to play as much as they can.  Playing produces happiness and life lessons such as sharing, using one’s imagination, how to follow “the rules”, and how to emote feelings.  Building a structured free time into a child’s daily life gives them space to run off energy, connect with nature, and create.  Parents, take time every week to join each of your children in free form playing!  Wrestle around. Make up a game to play. Color together. Go out and build a snowman or snow fort.  You can play too!


Parenting Tip, January 28, 2018  

Mealtimes can be rushed, so the challenge for the week is learning how to be intentional at least once or twice a week toward creating a relaxed mealtime as family.  Mealtime is a perfect time to teach kids to slow down, share the day, and pray.  Mealtime prayers can be taught at this special time.  Light a candle.  Say a prayer thanking God for the day and the food.  After the meal, invite one of the children to blow out the candle.  Prayer:  “Thank you God for the food we eat, for the people we meet, for the beautiful day so sweet.  In your name we pray, Amen.”


Parenting Tip, January 21, 2018

The new year brings about many ways to instill “new” family habits. Actually, habits are disciplines–ways to focus on important tasks done every day. Create a chart and stickers for both kids and parents (including parents makes this very fun for kids!)Choose simple chores such as:  Make your bed every morning.  Also, choose activities to do together such as: I will read by myself for 20 minutes, then add: We will read together for 30 minutes. Include ways to focus on spirituality:  Say a prayer before bedtime; Read one story out of my Bible.  Ways to be in nature:  I will go outside to count the different animal prints in the snow, Make a snowman.  After 17 days (that’s how long it takes to create a new habit), celebrate as a family!

Parenting Tip, January 14, 2018

Children are never too young to know the stories of Bible heroes and of change makers in history.  Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  It is a holiday to remember brave and courageous people who implemented God’s justice in the world but standing up to what is “right.”  Young children can be exposed to the stories of brave people.  Go to your local library this week and check out a book or books about Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Susan B Anthony, Abraham Lincoln and others.  Choose Biblical heroes like Daniel, the three men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, or Jochebed and Miriam who saved baby Moses as people who also stood up to do the right thing.

Parenting Tip, January 7, 2018

This is a great time to get organized and invite children to share the toys, books or games they seldom use with others.  Clean out closets, the garage (on a warm day), look under beds, and on shelves.  Take down old school papers and make way for new.  Create a new bulletin board in bedrooms to show off awards, favorite art pieces and Sunday Circle projects.  At the end of each month, get ready for “another new thing!”

The Youth and Family Ministry Team is
seeking dedicated volunteers to help with
Sunday Circles and Confirmation.
Substitute leaders are also needed.
If you are interested in sharing your gifts
with kids, please sign up on the
communication card or contact  
 Sally Narr at 763-218-2904,  
Chain of Lakes is open to new colleagues in ministry!