Ministry Teams at Chain of Lakes and the Participants:

Communications: Pam Van Meter (chair), Jolene Altrichter,  Paul Edgett, Kathy Brevig (staff) Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Facilities: John Ivers (chair), Kevin Amundsen, Ruthanne Coburn, Gary Long, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Local Missions:  Pam Van Meter, Val Owens, Pastor Paul Moore (chair)(staff)
Connection:  Jolene Altrichter, Ginnelle Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Personnel:  Val Owens (chair), Mary Ann Archer, Paul Edgett, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Small Groups:  Val Owens, Jeri Sanderson, Kathy Brevig (staff), Pastor Paul Moore (chair)(staff)
Stewardship/Finance:  John Ivers (chair), James Maatman, Dave Nyberg, Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Worship:  Karen Bakia (chair), Becky Booker, Sally Leitch,  Pastor Paul Moore (staff)
Youth & Family:  Stacy Foreman (chair), Justin Leitch, Lena Truong, Sally Narr (staff)
More information regarding the Ministry Teams
can be directed to the chair persons. 
Contact the church office to reach any of the above team members: 
763.208.8049 or