Chain of Lakes
A new sermon series beginning

Sundays, September 23 – October 21




                                 Teach me to pray

Have you ever wanted to learn more about
prayer though maybe too embarrassed to ask for help?
Do you admire people who have a prayer life?


Come to Chain of Lakes on Sunday,
September 24, at 10:30am.
Pastor Paul will begin the five week sermon series,
“Lord, Teach me to pray.”
Learn about:
  • Why prayer is important
  • Different ways to pray
  • Responses to common questions about prayer


The goal of the series is to help everyone take
a step forward in their prayer life.
Chain of Lakes Church
Blaine, MN 55449 

Prayer Resources


Ways to Pray

1. Breath Prayer:

In a breath prayer a person focuses on his or her breath. Breathe in and breathe out.  Focus on your breath. When you breathe in try focusing on a phrase in Scripture. Take this line from the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is My Shepherd.” Say that phrase to yourself as you breathe in.  Many different phrases can work.  

2. Prompting Prayer:

In a prompting prayer we pray when we see a prompt.  For example, When a person sees an ambulance, “Help those people” When a person sees an airplane, “Thanks for this glorious world” When a person sees a particular color, “God you are glorious” At the start of an hour, “Be present to me during this hour”  

3. ACTS This is a method of prayer:

Adoration            Praise God for a quality of God Confession         Share with God how you have missed the mark Thanks                  Give thanks for three events from the previous day

Supplication       Pray for someone else or pray for yourself
4. Prayer Walk:

Go on a walk and focus on God or what you see around you. One way to do a prayer walk is to say a phrase as you walk.  Try, “Come, Holy Spirit, Come” and then another step. It would work like this Step 1   Come Step 2   Holy Spirit Step 3   Come Step 4 Try this for ten minutes. You are bound to be engaged with God  

5. Journaling:

Some people enjoy writing. Free form writing can be a form of prayer. At the start of the journaling direct your writing to God.  

6. Prayer Sheet:

Consider making your own sheet of prayers and then fill out that sheet each day as you pray. One way to do this is to 1) Read Scripture 2) Fill out a sheet  3) Pray.  The following is a sample sheet:   Date:
Prayer focus for the year:   Prayer focus for the week:   Praises for God:   Thanks:   Sins I confess/personal issues of growth:   Family:   People at Chain of Lakes and in the world:   Decisions I am making:   Particular ministries at Chain of Lakes:   Places in the world:   Petitions:   My day today:        

Books on Prayer  

The following books are three high quality resources on prayer:  

  1. Soul Feast by Marjorie Thompson. The sub-title is
    “An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life”.  This book is about different spiritual practices. 


  1. Prayer by Richard Foster. The sub-title is “Finding the Heart’s True Home.”  It’s a wonderful book that shares a wide variety of ways to pray. 


  1. Prayer by Philip Yancey. The sub-title is “Does it make any difference?”  He takes a hard look at prayer and asks the hard questions.  Then he provides the answers.  Sometimes the
    answer is “I don’t know.”  It’s the most honest book about
    prayer ever written.