Chain of Lakes
Children’s Sabbath is a national celebration of
children and youth coordinated by
the Children’s Defense Fund
Celebrate Children’s Sabbath during worship
 Sunday, November 18, 2018
The partnerships Chain of Lakes has established with
HOPE 4 Youth, Blaine High School,
Anoka Regional High School & Anoka Technical High School,
to create a better life for vulnerable children and youth, will be celebrated.
Cheri Sutch from HOPE 4 Youth will share how their work
makes an impact on the lives of homeless youth in Anoka Country. 

Everyone present in worship will be given ways
to help the vulnerable children and youth in Anoka County. 

As part of Children’s Sabbath Bethany Bourgoin
will be commissioned as the new
Director of Youth & Family Ministries at Chain of Lakes.

Come to worship to learn how you can make an
impact in the lives of vulnerable children & youth!