Chain of Lakes Property
Future home of Chain of Lakes Church
Chain of Lakes Church Property
Located just east of Malmborg’s Garden Center
in The Lakes Development in Blaine, MN
on 125th Ave NE, Blaine, MN
On 125th Ave NE and Radisson Rd, go east .8 miles,
turn south onto the church property.
on the north side of Edison St NE, between Zumbrota St NE and Alamo St.
Property-Future Home of Chain of Lakes 
The Presbytery of the Twin Cities purchased 8.8 acres of land for
Chain of Lakes Church in November 2011.  
The property is located in The Lakes in Blaine, MN.
The congregation developed a long-range plan for the property.
The building will be developed in phases. 
 A conditional use permit was granted from the
Blaine City Council in the spring of 2012.
Building construction is scheduled to begin in March 2020.
The community will be welcome to use the building
for meetings and other activities.
Chain of Lakes developed a Community Garden
on the west edge of the church property.
Chain of Lakes Church is reaching out to the community
through the Community Garden Ministry.

The property and all structures on the property will always be a reflection of the

Chain of Lakes Purpose Statement and Core Values.